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1. Aggregate fruit
A cluster of fruits formed from the free carpel s of one flower. Compare syncarp .

2. Angiospermae
A major division of the plant kingdom, commonly called flowering plants as their reproductive organs are in flowers, having seeds which develop in a closed ovary made of carpel s, a very reduced gametophyte , and endosperm develop from a triple fusion nucleus.

3. Apocarpous
Of a gynoecium : consisting of two or more carpel s which are free from one another or almost so.

4. Beak
A prominent terminal projection, especially of a carpel or fruit.

5. Calyptra (operculum)
In mosses, a cap-like structure covering or partly covering the capsule and derived from the neck of the archegonium ; in a flower, a cap covering the stamen s and carpel s in the bud and formed by fusion or cohesion of perianth parts.

6. Capsule
A dry fruit formed from two or more united carpel s and dropping at maturity to release the seeds.

7. Carpel
An organ (generally believed to be a modified foliar unit) at the centre of a flower, bearing one or more ovule s and having its margins fused together or with other carpels to enclose the ovule(s) in an ovary, and consisting also of a stigma and usually a style .

8. Carpels
The female reproductive structures of a flower ; consisting of the ovary , style , and stigma .

9. Commissure
A join or seam; in plants, the interfacing of two fused carpel s in an ovary.

10. Diclinous
Having the stamen s and the carpel s in separate flowers.

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