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1. Cell cycle
The normal sequence of development and division in the cell . It can be divided into two general phases, mitosis (when the cell's nucleus divides as a part of its reproduction) and interphase (the rest of the time, when the cell does everything else besides mitosis).

2. Cell cycle
The sequence of events from one division of a cell to the next; consists of mitosis (or division) and interphase .

3. Cell-division-cycle (cdc) genes
Gene s which control the yeast cell cycle . There are around 50 different genes which do this.

4. Cell-division-cycle (cdc) mutant
A yeast cell which has cell-division-cycle genes that have mutated to become sensitive to temperature; at certain temperatures (usually high ones), various parts of the normal yeast cell cycle become abnormal, and in some strains the yeast cell does not survive at all.

5. Cyclin
A protein found in certain eukaryotic cells which helps regulate the cell cycle by causing cells to begin mitosis (a form of nuclear division). The protein is made during all parts of the cell cycle but is destroyed during mitosis.

6. Double thymidine block
A lab technique used to synchronize the cell cycle s of all the cell s in a culture . This is done by adding excessive amounts of thymidine (a deoxynucleoside ) to the culture so that DNA replication is blocked. Eventually, all of the cells will reach the same point in the cell cycle and stop.

7. Euchromatin
One of two types of chromatin seen during interphase of the cell cycle . It is genetically active ( transcription occurs in it) and less condensed than heterochromatin (the other type of chromatin).

8. G1 phase (G1 gap)
The period during interphase in the cell cycle between mitosis and the S phase (when DNA is replicated). Also known as the "decision" period of the cell , because the cell "decides" to divide when it enters the S phase. The "G" stands for gap.

9. G2 phase (G2 gap)
The period during interphase in the cell cycle between the S phase (when DNA is replicated) and mitosis (when the nucleus , then cell , divides). At this time, the cell checks the accuracy of DNA replication and prepares for mitosis. The "G" stands for gap.

10. Interphase
The period in the cell cycle when the cell is not reproducing (undergoing mitosis ). During this time, the cell is growing rapidly, increasing its size, making new molecules, and doing all of the things that cells do that are not associated with cell division. The period is subdivided into the G1 phase, the S phase , and the G2 phase.

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