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1. Accessory pigments
Light-absorbing pigments such as carotenoid s and phycobilin s that serve as complements to chlorophyll in plants, algae and bacteria by trapping light energy for photosynthesis .

2. Albino
* An animal which has no pigment (melanin) whatsoever in its body. This means that its skin is white, pale pink, or even translucent, its fur (or hair) is white, and its eyes are pink (no pigment in the iris means that the only color comes from the blood vessels in the eye). * A plant which lacks part or all of its natural pigmentation or chlorophyll .

3. Bacteriochlorophyll
A pigment, or colored particle, found in bacteria that anaerobically photosynthesizes (uses the sun as a source of energy), the way green pigments of chlorophyll found in plants photosynthesize.

4. Bacteriochlorophyll
The light-absorbing pigment found in green sulfur and purple sulfur bacteria . Compare chlorophyll .

5. Chlorophyll
A green, light-absorbing pigment found in plants and other photosynthetic organisms. A magnesium-porphyrin complex, it is an essential electron donor in photosynthesis .

6. Chlorophyll a
The green photosynthetic pigment common to all photosynthetic organisms.

7. Chlorophyll b
An accessory chlorophyll found in green algae and plants.

8. Chlorophyll c
An accessory chlorophyll found in some protistans .

9. Chlorophyll
The pigment in green plants that absorbs solar energy.

10. Chlorosome
A cigar-shaped structure bounded by a nonunit membrane and containing the light harvesting bacteriochlorophyll in green sulfur bacteria and in Chloroflexus.

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