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1. Addiction (substance abuse)
This is the state of being physically or psychologically dependent on some substance. Common abused substances include: * ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol) * opioids (opium, heroin, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, meperidine [Demerol]) * hallucinogens (LSD, psilocybin, DMT, morning glory seeds) * mescaline, MDA, PMA, STP * amphetamines * cocaine * inhalants (solvents and aerosols)

2. Amber codon
The nonsense codon UAG, one of three codons which, instead of coding for an amino acid, signals that the translation of mRNA into a chain of amino acid s should stop.

3. Amber mutation
A mutation from a codon which codes for an amino acid into the amber codon UAG, which normally signals that the translation of mRNA into an amino acid chain should stop. The mutation causes the amino acid chain to stop forming before it is actually completed.

4. Amber suppressor
A tRNA molecule which suppresses amber mutation s because it has mutated to recognize the amber codon UAG (which normally signals that the translation of mRNA into an amino acid chain should stop) as a signal for inserting whatever amino acid it carries into the chain. As a result, it can prevent the amino acid chain from ending before it is completed.

5. Ambiguous codon
A codon that codes for more than one amino acid .

6. Anticodon
A specific sequence of three nucleotide s in transfer RNA which are complimentary to a codon for a specific amino acid in a messenger RNA .

7. Anticodon
A sequence of three nucleotides on the transfer RNA molecule that recognizes and pairs with a specific codon on a messenger RNA molecule; helps control the sequence of amino acids in a growing polypeptide chain.

8. Codon
The basic unit of the genetic code, comprising three- nucleotide sequences of messenger ribonucleic acid ( mRNA ), each of which is translated into one amino acid in protein synthesis.

9. Codon
A sequence of three nucleotides in messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid .

10. Degeneracy
In relation to the genetic code , the fact that more than one codon can code for the same amino acid .

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