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1. Areal cover
A measure of dominance that defines the degree to which above ground portions of plants cover the ground surface; it is possible for the total areal cover for all strata combined in a community or for single stratum to exceed 100 percent because: * most plant communities consist of two or more vegetative strata; * areal cover is estimated by vegetative layer; and * foliage within a single layer may overlap.

2. Association (aggregation)
A collection of units or parts into a mass or whole; for example, a group of animals, plants or both. A statement of physical proximity or grouping, without necessarily requiring or implying interactions between units of the group, in contrast to "community", which does. Similar or equivalent to "aggregation".

3. Biocenosis (biocoenosis)
* A group of organisms in a self-sufficient community naturally occupying a small area with a uniform environment throughout. * In the field of paleontology , it is one of three types of fossil communities, which depends on the condition and completeness of the community when found. Biocenosis is the most complete type, able to offer the most information about what the community was like when it was alive.

4. Biomass
The total weight of living tissue in a community .

5. Biome
A region which has distinct types of organisms, substrates, and climate, all interacting to produce a large, distinct, and complex biotic community.

6. Biotic community
* An aggregation of different species of organisms living and interacting within the same habitat. * A group of fossil species which are often found together in the same sites.

7. Bog
A quagmire covered with grass or other plants; wet, spongy ground; a small marsh; plant community on wet, very acid peat.

8. Chaparral
A plant community of drought-adapted shrubs, usually found in rocky and rapidly drained shallow soils.

9. Climax community
The stage in community succession where the community has become relatively stable through successful adjustment to its environment.

10. Closed community
A community in which populations have similar range boundaries and density peaks; forms a discrete unit with sharp boundaries.

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