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1. Auricle
An ear-shaped appendage at the base of a leaf, leaflet or corolla lobe. Adj. auriculate.

2. Barbulae
Outgrowths on the margin of a seed's wing s or in the throat of the corolla ; they may be simple or have apical hairs or papillae .

3. Bilabiate
Two-lipped, e.g. of a corolla in which fusion of an anterior group and a posterior group of petals extends beyond the top of the corolla tube.

4. Calli
In some plants, small outgrowths in the throat of the corolla (acting as tactile guides for pollinators).

5. Campanulate
Bell-shaped, usually applied to calyx and corolla .

6. Cell theory
One of the four (or five) unifying concepts in biology. The cell theory states that all living things are composed of at least one cell and that the cell is the fundamental unit of function in all organisms. corollaries: the chemical composition of all cells is fundamentally alike; all cells arise from preexisting cells through cell division.

7. Convolute
Said of parts rolled or twisted together when in an undeveloped stage, as in some corolla s in the bud stage.

8. Corolla
The petals of a flower collectively.

9. Corona
A ring of tissue arising from the corolla or perianth of a flower and standing between the perianth lobes and the stamen s.

10. Exserted
Protruding, e.g. of stamen s with respect to a corolla tube.

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