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1. Actin
One of two proteins involved in muscle contraction (see also myosin ). Actin is found in both smooth and striated muscle and also serves as an important structural molecule for the cytoskeletons of many eukaryotic cells.

2. Cytoskeleton
A network of molecular filaments ( actin , microtubule s, etc.) that provide a structure for the cytoplasm .

3. Cytoskeleton
A three-dimensional network of microtubules and filaments that provides internal support for the cells, anchors internal cell structures, and functions in cell movement and division.

4. Intermediate filament
A type of structural protein found within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cell s which forms one type of cell cytoskeleton. In mammalian cells, the intermediate filaments are intermediate in width between actin (a muscle protein) and microtubule s. There are six types of intermediate filaments: keratin s, desmin s, vimentin s, glial filaments, neurofilaments, and nuclear lamins.

5. Microfilaments
Rods composed of actin that are found in the cytoskeleton and are involved in cell division and movement.

6. Microtubules
filaments about 25 nanometers in diameter found in cilia , flagella , and the cytoskeleton .

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