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1. Cell body
In nerve cells, this is the central portion containing the cell nucleus , from which axon s and dendrite s sprout. The cell body is primarily concerned with carrying out the life-sustaining functions of a cell.

2. Cerebral cortex
The outer layer of gray matter in the cerebrum; consists mainly of neuronal cell bodies and dendrites in humans; associated with higher functions, including language and abstract thought.

3. Cyton
The main part of a neuron cell (which consists of the main body plus a number of long extensions from it called axon s, axon terminals, and dendrite s).

4. Dendrite
A long extension of the cytoplasm of a neuron with thin, treelike branches. It receives nerve signals and transmits them to the main body of the cell (called the cyton ).

5. Dendrites
Branched extensions of the nerve cell body which receives signals from other nerve cells. Each nerve cell usually has many dendrites.

6. Dendrites
Short, highly branched fibers that carry signals toward the cell body of a neuron .

7. Gray matter
The portions of the brain and spinal cord which are gray and composed of the main bodies of neuron s (called cyton s). This is in contrast to white matter , which is the portions that are white and composed of the axon s and dendrite s of neurons. In the spinal cord, the gray matter is bordered by the white matter and is shaped like a butterfly when seen in cross-section.

8. Melanocyte
A type of cell which is found in the epidermis of the skin and which produces the pigment melanin . Melanocytes are transparent cells with dendrite s.

9. Neuron (neural cell)
A nerve cell; it receives and conducts electrical impulses from the brain . It consists of a cell body called the cyton , an axon , axon terminals, and dendrite s.

10. Neurons
Highly specialized cells that generate and transmit bioelectric impulses from one part of the body to another; the functional unit of the nervous system .A cell of the nerve tissue having a cell body input zone of dendrites and an output zone of an axon (of varying length). The electrochemical nerve impulse/message is transmitted by neurons.

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