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1. Down's syndrome (Down syndrome, Trisomy 21)
Physical characteristics of a person with Down's syndrome include small and short head, flat nasal bridge, reddish cheeks, dry lips, large, protruding tongue, small ears, epicanthal folds, and short neck. Mental retardation and hypotonia are also major symptoms, the degree of which varies with individuals. There is also a high incidence of congenital heart diseases and duodenal atresia . With good support, persons with this syndrome can develop their full potential. An Alzheimer -like dementia often occurs in the fourth and fifth decades and leads to a shortened life expectancy. The chromosomal abnormality is diagnostic. In 95% of cases, trisomy 21 is present (one extra chromosome 21), and in the rest which has the usual 46 chromosomes present, there is an abnormal translocation involving chromosome 21.

2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone produced early in pregnancy that keeps the corpus luteum producing progesterone ; it may be injected to stimulate ovulation and progesterone production. This hormone is also elevated in trophoblastic disease and germ cell cancers and thus serves as a useful tumor marker for these cancers. Patients with non-cancerous conditons such as inflammatory bowel disease , duodenal ulcer s, or cirrhosis or cancers of the breast, lung, pancreas, ovary, or gastrointestinal system may have elevated HCG levels.

3. Vagotomy
Vagotomy is surgery to interrupt the branches of vagus nerve near the stomach. This is a procedure for the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer s. Often, pyloroplasty (surgery on the valve leading from the stomach to the intestines) is performed at the same time to improve the emptying of the stomach.

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