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1. Amoebocytes
Amoeboid cells in sponges that occur in the matrix between the epidermal and collar cells. They transport nutrients.

2. Cystolith
* A stalked structure growing from a cell wall into the cell cavity, encrusted with calcium carbonate. * A mass of calcium carbonate concretion, occasionally silica, formed on ingrowths of modified epidermal cell walls in some plants, esp. of the Acanthaceae family.

3. Enation
An epidermal outgrowth.

4. Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
A polypeptide growth factor that stimulates the growth of epithelial cells. It was discovered by Stanley Cohen, and a part of the gene which codes for the receptor on the cells that heed its signals is extremely similar to the erb-b oncogene (proto- cancer gene).

5. Erb-b
One of two oncogene s (proto- cancer gene ) found in the avian erythroblastosis retrovirus (a retrovirus which affects red blood cell formation in birds). It is incredibly similar to a gene which codes for the receptor protein that recognizes signals from the epidermal growth factor (EFG) for the cell .

6. Guard cells
Specialized epidermal cells that flank stomates and whose opening and closing regulates gas exchange and water loss.

7. Hydathodes
An epidermal structure specialized for secretion, or for exudation, of water.

8. Indumentum
The epidermal appendages (e.g. hairs or scales), collectively.

9. Langerhans' cells
epidermal cells that participate in the inflammatory response by engulfing microorganisms and releasing chemicals that mobilize immune system cells.

10. Palisade
Layer of mesophyll cells in leaves that are closely placed together under the epidermal layer of the leaf.Palisade parenchyma: Columnar cells located just below the upper epidermis in leaves the cells where most of the light absorbtion in photosynthesis occurs.

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