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1. Bark
The outermost covering of trees and some plants. This is composed of the cuticle or epidermis , the outer bark (cortex), and the inner bark or fiber.

2. Cholesteatoma
Cholesteatoma is a complication of chronic otitis media which creates negative pressure of the middle ear such that a mass consisting of keratin and epidermis is drawn into the middle ear through a perforated eardrum. Cholesteatoma typically erodes the mastoid bone and damages the ossicles.

3. Cortex
* The region of a stem or root surrounding the vascular cylinder but inside the epidermis (def. courtesy Jim Croft ) * The region inside the spore coat of an endospore , around the core. (def. courtesy Tsute Chen )

4. Cortex
1) The outer part of an organ, e.g., the adrenal cortex, which produces several steroid hormones ; 2) in plants, the region of the stem or root between the epidermis and the vascular bundle(s) .

5. Cuticle
A continuous layer of waxy substances covering over the outer surfaces of the epidermis of plants; it contains cutin and protects against water loss / water gain and other damage.

6. Dermatitis (eczema)
Dermatitis is a skin disorder involving the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin; can produce a rash, blisters, or sore, cracked skin.

7. Dermis (corium, true skin)
The layer of skin just beneath the epidermis ; it is composed of dense vascular connective tissue.

8. Dermis
One of the two layers of skin; a connective tissue layer under the epidermis containing elastic and collagen fibers, capillary networks, and nerve endings.

9. Epidermis
* The outer epitheial layer of the skin, consisting of a basal layer, a prickle-cell (spinous) layer, a a glandular layer, a clear layer, and a horny layer. * The outermost layer of parenchyma in plants which protects against water loss, abrasions, etc.

10. Epidermis
1. The outermost layer of skin consisting of several layers of epithelial cells - ; notably, keratinocytes - ; and, in the inner layer of the epidermis, basal cells and melanocytes . 2. The outer layer of cells in the plant body, often covered by a waxy cuticle .

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