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1. Acoelomate
A triploblastic organism which does not have an internal body cavity other than the gut. The area between the gut and the organism's outer body wall is completely filled with tissue derived from the mesoderm . The term is used to classify multicellular animals by developmental pattern.

2. Adaptive radiation
The evolution of new species or sub-species to fill unoccupied ecological niches.

3. Aerenchyma
In plants, tissue incorporating large, gas-filled spaces interspersed with the cells in a characteristic pattern.

4. Amniote egg
An egg with compartmentalized sacs (a liquid-filled sac in which the embryo develops, a food sac, and a waste sac) that allowed vertebrates to reproduce on land.

5. Backfill
Soil, overburden, mine waste or imported material used to replace material removed during mining.

6. Barium study
Barium is opaque to x-ray. In a barium study, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with barium before an x-ray is taken. Upper GI Series: * the procedure: Upper GI series involves the swallowing of barium containing liquid before x-ray is taken. The organs examined are: throat, esophagus, stomach and small bowel to diagnose esophageal cancer, reflux, hiatus hernia, gastric cancer, gastritis, and peptic ulcers. * alternative courses of action: gastroscopy, CT of chest and upper abdomen * material effects, risks and side effects: aspiration of the barium; constipation or obstruction of the bowel if the barium dries up inside the small and large intestines. Barium Enema: * the procedure: Barium enema (also known as lower GI series) involves the introduction of barium containing fluid via the rectum to diagnose rectal cancer, diverticular diseases, and polyps. * alternative courses of action: sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scan of abdomen and pelvis * material effects, risks and side effects: fasting and cleaning the bowel with fluid and medication; sensation of bloating and potential of perforation of the colon during the procedure; barium stool impaction after the procedure.

7. Blastocoel
The fluid-filled cavity in the middle of a blastula , an early stage in the development of the embryo .

8. Blastocoel
The fluid-filled cavity at the center of a blastula .

9. Blastocyst (blastodermic vesicle)
A stage in the development of a mammalian embryo just after the blastula stage, where the hollow ball of cells becomes two layers of cells - one layer, called the trophoblast, is at one end of the embryo and attaches it to the wall of the uterus so that it can receive nutrition during its development. The other is a single-cell layer which surrounds the blastocoele , the fluid-filled hollow part of the ball.

10. Blastula
A ball of cells surrounding a fluid-filled cavity (the blastocoel) that is produced by the repeated cleavage of a zygote .

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