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1. -ase
A suffix which indicates that the word is the name of an enzyme , which is a type of protein that catalyzes biological or biochemical reactions. For example, " cellulase " or " polymerase ".

2. -emia (adj.: -emic)
A suffix indicating that the word has to do with the blood, a condition of the blood, a substance within the blood, etc. For example, anemia is the lack of sufficient functioning hemoglobin in the blood. "-emic" is a

3. -esis
A suffix indicating that the word has to do with "action" or "process."

4. -ology
A suffix meaning the science of, or study of, or knowledge of.

5. -oma
A suffix meaning a tumor or inflammation, as in granuloma.

6. -ose
A suffix that means "sugar".

7. -osis
A suffix meaning condition, or disease, or formation.

8. -ostomy
A suffix meaning the creation of an opening, as in colostomy.

9. A-
A prefix that means "without."

10. Acetyl reduction assay (acetylene reduction assay)
A technique for measuring the nitrogen fixation activity in photosynthetic organisms. It uses a flame ionization detector and a gas chromatography apparatus to determine the reduction of acetylene to ethylene by the enzyme nitrogenase .

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