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1. Acne
This is a skin disease of the face, back and shoulders. It involves overactive sebaceous glands with plugged hair follicles inside which there is growth of an acne bacteria.

2. Arrector pili
A muscle running from a hair follicle to the dermis. Contraction of the muscle causes the hair to rise perpendicular to the skin surface, forming "goose pimples."

3. Carbuncle (boil)
A carbuncle is an infection of the subcutaneous tissues involving the hair follicles, usually caused by staphylococci bacteria.

4. Corpus luteum (yellow body)
A temporary endocrine gland which forms from the remains of the ovarian follicle after an ovum (egg) has been released, rupturing the follicle in the process. The gland can secrete both progesterone and estrogen , two female hormone s which play a role during pregnancy. The gland disappears if pregnancy does not occur.

5. Corpus luteum
A structure formed from the ovulated follicle in the ovary ; secretes progesterone and estrogen .

6. Follicle
A dry, dehiscent fruit formed from one carpel and dehiscing along the line of fusion of its edges.

7. Follicle
A small, narrow sac found in certain organs or tissues. Examples are hair follicles in the skin, which are found at the bases of individual hairs, and follicles in the ovary which contain developing oocyte s (proto- ovum s).

8. Follicle cells
A layer of cell s within an ovarian follicle which surrounds the oocyte (proto- ovum ) and provides certain nutrients to it.

9. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
This is the pituitary hormone that stimulates follicle growth in women and sperm formation in men.

10. Follicles (ovary)
Structures in the ovary consisting of a developing egg surrounded by a layer of follicle cells.

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