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1. Angiospermae
A major division of the plant kingdom, commonly called flowering plants as their reproductive organs are in flowers, having seeds which develop in a closed ovary made of carpel s, a very reduced gametophyte , and endosperm develop from a triple fusion nucleus.

2. Angiosperms
Flowering plants. first appearing at least 110 million years ago from an unknown gymnosperm ancestor, flowering plants have risen to dominance in most of the world's floras. The male gametophyte is 2-3 cells contained within a pollen grain; the female gametophyte is usually eight cells contained within an ovule which is retained on the sporophyte phase of the plant's life cycle.

3. Antheridium
The fertile organ of a male gametophyte or the male organ of a bisexual gametophyte, in which male gametes are formed.

4. Bryophytes
The nonvascular plants, characterized by life cycles dominated by the gametophyte phase. This group includes the mosses, liverworts, and hornworts, which lack lignified conducting tissues.

5. Double fertilization
A characteristic of angiosperms in which a pollen tube carries two sperm cells to the female gametophyte in the ovule . One sperm cell fuses with the egg cell and gives rise to a diploid embryo The other sperm cell fuses with the two polar cells to form a triploid cell that develops into the endosperm .

6. Embryo sac
Alternate term applied to the angiosperm female gametophyte contained within a megaspore .

7. Endosperm (albumen)
Nutritive tissue in a seed; in angiosperm s it's triploid and is formed in the embryo sac after fertilization. In gymnosperm s, it's haploid and is derived from the sterile portion of the female gametophyte . Compare perisperm .

8. Flowers
The reproductive structures in angiosperm sporophytes where gametophytes are generated.

9. Gametophyte (adj. gametophytic)
A plant, or phase of a plant's life cycle, that bears gamete s.

10. Gametophyte
The haploid stage of a plant exhibiting alternation of generations , generates gametes by the process of mitosis .

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