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1. Galactosidase (gal)
One of a class of enzyme s which cuts the glycosidic bond between the sugar galactose and another sugar molecule (of a different type than galactose). There are two subclasses - the alpha galactosidases and beta galactosidases - which cuts the two types of glycosidic bonds (alpha and beta, respectively).

2. Glucan
One of a group of polysaccharide sugar s composed of D- glucose monomer s linked together by glycosidic bond s. Examples of glucans are dextran , laminarin, and lichenin.

3. Glucuronide (glycuronide)
A substance produced by attaching glucuronic acid to another substance with glycosidic bonds. Toxic substances can be removed from the body in this manner - glucuronic acid is introduced into the body, the acid forms a glycosidic bond with the toxic substance and neutralizes it, and the resulting glucuronide is eventually excreted.

4. Glycosidic bond
A bond between a sugar and another organic molecule by way of an intervening nitrogen or oxygen atom.

5. Glycosyl group
A radical chemical group on a larger molecule, derived from a sugar or starch molecule, which is attached to the rest of the larger molecule by way of a glycosidic bond .

6. Oligosaccharide
A molecule made up of several simple sugar groups joined by glycosidic bonds.