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1. Animalia
Animal Kingdom. Multicellular eukaryotic group characterized by heterotrophic nutritional mode, usually organ and tissue development, and motility sometime during the organism's life history.

2. Autotroph
An organism that "makes its own food" and does not require previously formed organic materials from the environment. Plants are classified as autotrophs because they use photosynthesis to make their own energy. Compare heterotroph .

3. Carnivores
Term applied to a heterotroph , usually an animal, that eats other animals. Carnivores function as secondary, tertiary, or top consumers in food chains and food webs .

4. Chemoorganotroph
An organism which oxidizes chemical bonds for energy but requires organic carbon compounds to grow. A type of heterotroph .

5. Division Euglenophyta (euglenoids, Euglena)
This biological division contains the algal species Euglena and over 1,000 species of related algae ; they are all unicellular (single-celled) and are mainly found in freshwater environments. They are all photosynthetic (though some are secondary heterotroph s) and they all contain chlorophyll s a and b. A unique feature of this division is that they store the energy they produce from photosynthesis as paramylum, an unusual carbohydrate . Members of this division have a contractile vacuole and a single flagellum .

6. Fungi
Nonmobile, heterotrophic , mostly multicellular eukaryotes , including yeasts and mushrooms.

7. Herbivores
Term pertaining to a heterotroph , usually an animal, that eats plants or algae. Herbivores function in food chains and food webs as primary consumers .

8. Heterotroph
An organism that requires chemical energy from already formed organic molecules.

9. Heterotrophic enzyme
An allosteric enzyme that must be modulated by a biomolecule other than its substrate .

10. Heterotrophic
Refers to organisms, such as animals, that depend on preformed organic molecules from the environment (or another organism) as a source of nutrients/energy.

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