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1. Holotype (adj. holotypic)
A single specimen designated by the author of a plant (or animal) name, at the time of original publication, as that to which the name shall apply; the 'voucher specimen' of a name.

2. Ideotype (idiotype)
Any specimen which is not the holotype and which was not collected from the same location as the holotype, but which has been determined to be a member of the same taxon as the holotype by the original author of the holotype name.

3. Isotype (isotypic)
A specimen which is, or is believed to be, a duplicate of the holotype , i.e. part of the same collection.

4. Lectotype (adj. lectotypic)
A specimen selected from among those cited with the original description to serve in place of a holotype where the holotype is missing or destroyed, or where no holotype was designated.

5. Neotype (adj. neotypic)
A specimen selected to serve in place of a holotype where none of the material to which the name was originally applied is known to have been preserved.

6. Paratype (adj. paratypic)
A specimen, other than the holotype , that was cited with the original publication of a name.

7. Syntype (adj. syntypic)
One of two or more specimens cited by the author at the time of publication of a name for which no holotype was designated.

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