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1. Alfisols
Soils having significantly more clay in the B-horizon than in the A-horizon and high base status.

2. Angle of repose
The maximum angle of slope (measured from horizontal plane) at which loose, cohesion less material will come to rest on a pile of similar material.

3. Aqualfs
Soils with an aquic or peraquic moisture regime and having clay accumulating in the B-horizon ; wet alfisol s.

4. Aquents
Soils with an aquic or peraquic moisture regime and lacking distinct soil horizons in the subsoil; wet entisol s.

5. Aquepts
Soils with an aquic moisture regime and showing some soil development in the B-horizon ; wet inceptisol s.

6. Aquods (wet spodsols)
Soils having an accumulation of iron, aluminum and organic matter in the B-horizon in addition to having an aquic moisture regime.

7. Ascending
In botany terminology : growing erect after an oblique or semi-horizontal beginning.

8. Brush layering
Placing horizontal layers of tree branches or twigs in a gully or along a slope and then partially covering the branches with soil; the branches act to hold the soil in place and to absorb momentum from water flowing over the area.

9. Channel width
The horizontal distance along a transect line from bank to bank at the high water marks, measured at right angles to the direction of flow. Multiple channel widths are summed to represent total channel width.

10. Cricopharyngeus muscle
This is the horizontal muscle located at the top of the esophagus .

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