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1. Agammaglobulinemia (adj.: agammaglobulinemic)
A rare disease where the body is unable to produce immune antibodies due to the lack of gamma globulin , a type of immunoglobulin , in the blood. The disease can be acquired or inherited as an X-linked recessive genetic disease.

2. A-protein (A proteins)
A protein found in the cell wall of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus which binds to the Fc section of immunoglobulin s and is therefore used to collect antigen - antibody complexes.

3. F(ab)2 fragment (Fab fragment, F-ab fragment)
The portion of the immunoglobulin or antibody molecule which contains the binding site for antigen s. The exact sequence of amino acid s in the area varies widely from molecule to molecule to accommodate a wide variety of antigens which the body may encounter. There are two such regions on each molecule (individually called Fab fragments or F-ab fragments). The molecule is shaped like the letter Y and the F(ab)2 fragments are located on the upper halves of the two fork parts. (The rest of the molecule, the stem and the lower parts of the forks, are the Fc fragment ).

4. Fc fragment
The constant region on an immunoglobulin molecule. The area that is exactly the same on all antibodies. The region is found on the heavy chain s and is not involved in binding antigen s.

5. Fluorescent antibody
immunoglobulin molecule which as been coupled with a fluorescent molecule so that it exhibits fluorescence.

6. Gamma globulin
General term for any immunoglobulin protein . May refer to a type of immunoglobulin molecule found in blood serum which behaves in a certain way when subjected to electrophoresis - one which displays "gamma electrophoretic mobility."

7. Globulin
A simple globular protein which cannot be dissolved in pure water but which can be dissolved if a salt is added to the water. It can also be precipitated out of solution and into a solid with a solution of ammonium sulfate at 50% saturation. Examples of globulin proteins are immunoglobulin and cryoglobulin .

8. Heavy chain (H chain)
The heavier of the two types of polypeptide chains that are found in immunoglobulin and antibody molecules.

9. Hinge region
The hinge region is a flexible area on the immunoglobulin molecule which contains many residue s of the amino acid proline and is where the Fc fragment joins one of the two Fab fragment s.

10. IgA
A class of immunoglobulin protein s found in such bodily fluids as saliva. One of five classes of immunoglobulin.