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1. Callus
A callus of the skin is a marked piling up of surface keratin in the corneum (outermost layer) of the skin. Callus formation at the ends of a fractured bone takes place within 10 days after the trauma and eventually it is replaced by new bone growth.

2. Cholesteatoma
Cholesteatoma is a complication of chronic otitis media which creates negative pressure of the middle ear such that a mass consisting of keratin and epidermis is drawn into the middle ear through a perforated eardrum. Cholesteatoma typically erodes the mastoid bone and damages the ossicles.

3. Epidermis
1. The outermost layer of skin consisting of several layers of epithelial cells - ; notably, keratinocytes - ; and, in the inner layer of the epidermis, basal cells and melanocytes . 2. The outer layer of cells in the plant body, often covered by a waxy cuticle .

4. Intermediate filament
A type of structural protein found within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cell s which forms one type of cell cytoskeleton. In mammalian cells, the intermediate filaments are intermediate in width between actin (a muscle protein) and microtubule s. There are six types of intermediate filaments: keratin s, desmin s, vimentin s, glial filaments, neurofilaments, and nuclear lamins.

5. Keratin
A fibrous, insoluble, sulfur-containing protein that serves as the main structural molecule in hair and nails and is also present in the skin.

6. Keratin
A fibrous protein that fills mature keratinocytes near the skin's surface.

7. Keratinocyte
A skin cell that makes keratin .

8. Keratinocytes
The basic cell type of the epidermis ; produced by basal cells in the inner layer of the epidermis.

9. Papulosquamous lesion
A papulosquamous lesion is a palpable lesion, the surface of which has flakes of keratin . Examples include lesions found in psoriasis and pityriasis rosea .

10. Squamous lesions
A lesion the surface of the skin which contains flakes of keratin .

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