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1. 7-methyl guanosine
A guanosine ribonucleotide (has the nitrogenous base guanine attached to the sugar ribose ) which has a methyl group attached to the 7th ring atom of the guanine (a nitrogen atom). These are found at the capped 5'-ends of eukaryotic mrna .

2. Alternative mRNA splicing
Splicing different exon s in or out of messenger RNA to form different mrna transcripts.

3. Amber codon
The nonsense codon UAG, one of three codons which, instead of coding for an amino acid, signals that the translation of mrna into a chain of amino acid s should stop.

4. Amber mutation
A mutation from a codon which codes for an amino acid into the amber codon UAG, which normally signals that the translation of mrna into an amino acid chain should stop. The mutation causes the amino acid chain to stop forming before it is actually completed.

5. Amber suppressor
A tRNA molecule which suppresses amber mutation s because it has mutated to recognize the amber codon UAG (which normally signals that the translation of mrna into an amino acid chain should stop) as a signal for inserting whatever amino acid it carries into the chain. As a result, it can prevent the amino acid chain from ending before it is completed.

6. Ambisense expression strategy
The coding of viral protein s in both the sense (coding) and antisense (noncoding) strands of complementary mrna , so that the viral proteins are produced no matter which strand gets translated .

7. Antisense strand (anticoding strand)
The strand of DNA which is not used during transcription to make mrna . The mrna made during transcription thus has the same sequence as this strand (so that the eventual protein will be a sense version). See also sense strand .

8. Capped 5'-ends
A methylated (has a -CH3 attached) guanosine nucleotide attached to the 5'-end (the beginning) of an eukaryotic mrna , thought to give the mrna stability.

9. Capping of mRNA
The process of adding a guanosine nucleotide to the 5'-end (the beginning) of an eukaryotic mrna , then methylating (adding a -CH3 to) the guanosine.

10. Cell-free protein synthesis
An in vitro method to make protein s, using amino acid s, the mrna corresponding to the protein to be made, and a cell-free extract (the contents of a cell after removal of the cell wall and/or outer cell membrane s) for other needed components and enzyme s.

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