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1. Ameloblastoma (adamantinoma)
A malignant jaw tumor which stems from the ameloblast s, cells which form tooth enamel.

2. Angiogenesis
The formation of new blood vessels. This occurs normally during the development of the embryo , but can also occur abnormally around malignant tumor s.

3. Antineoplastic drug
A drug that stops or slows the maturation and spread of tumor cells ( benign or malignant ).

"Bleomycin," "Adriamycin," "cyclophosphamide," "Oncovin," and "prednisone": a combination of drugs used as a chemotherapy treatment for malignant lymphoma .

5. Betulinic acid
This pentacyclic terpene is found in the bark of birch trees, especially the white birch (Betula alba). It is currently being investigated as a treatment for malignant melanoma .

6. Cancer (malignant tumor)
Cancer is an abnormal uncontrolled growth of tissue that has potential to spread to distant sites of the body. Cancer exerts its deleterious effect on the body by: * destroying the surrounding adjacent tissues: e.g. compressing nerves, eroding blood vessels, or causing perforation of organs * replacing normal functioning cells in distant sites: e.g. replacing blood forming cells in the bone marrow, replacing bones leading to increased calcium levels in the blood, or in the heart muscles so that the heart fails.

7. Creatine phosphokinase (CPK, CK)
This is an enzyme from the muscles of the heart, skeletal muscles and the brain. It is released to blood after damage, after which serum level rises in 6 hours, peaks in 18 hours, returns to normal in 2 to 3 days. It is often measured to confirm the clinical diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The isoenzymes can be fractionated by electrophoresis as CPK1 also known as CPK-BB from the brain; CPK 2 also known as CPK-MB originated from myocardial (heart muscle) damage; and CPK3 also known as CPK-MM from the skeletal muscles. CPK is elevated in: * myocardial damage from infarction, defibrillation (cardioversion), and myocarditis * skeletal muscle damage including convulsion, intramuscular injection, malignant hyperthermia, and radomyolysis * brain trauma, cardiovascular accidents, electroconvulsive therapy, and tumors (Normal range of CPK is 30 - 300 IU/ml with an MB fraction less than 4%)

8. Fibrosarcoma
A malignant (cancerous) connective tissue tumor which develops from collagen -contaiing fibroblast s.

9. Hodgkin's disease (Hodgkin's lymphoma)
A form of malignant lymphoma that is characterized by painless enlargment of lymphatic tissue and the spleen and often involves symptoms such as fever, wasting weight loss, anemia, and night sweats.

10. Icterus gravis (massive hepatic necrosis, malignant jaundice)
A condition which includes jaundice (icterus) , high fever, and delirium. Icterus gravis is either a rare complication of viral hepatitis and other liver diseases, a result of exposure to hepatotoxic substances, or a result of being insensitive to drugs.

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