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1. Malleus
One of the bones comprising the middle ear of mammals.

2. Mammal-like reptiles
Group of Permian-Triassic reptiles having some possible mammalian features, notably a more prominent dentary (tooth-bearing) bone and reduction of the incus and malleus (which are part of the reptilian jaw along with the dentary). The mammal-like reptiles are thought to have been the reptile group from which the mammals later evolved.

3. Middle ear
The middle ear is behind the tympanic membrane (the eardrum), has 3 auditory bones: malleus (mallet), incus (anvil), and stapes (stirrup).

4. Ossicles
The ossicles are three small bones articulated to each other in the middle ear: malleus, incus, and stapes. They conduct the vibrations of the tympanic membrane to the inner ear.

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