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1. Embryo sac
Alternate term applied to the angiosperm female gametophyte contained within a megaspore .

2. Megagametophyte (adj. megagametophytic)
A plant body or cell lineage, formed by vegetative growth of the megaspore , that produces the female gamete s of a heterosporous plant.

3. Megaspore (macrospore)
The larger of the two kinds of spores produced in the sexual life cycle of a heterosporous plant, giving rise to the female gametophyte .

4. Megaspore mother cell
Cells that undergo meiosis to produce megaspores.

5. Megaspores
Four haploid cells produced by meiosis in the ovule of a flower. Usually, three of these cells degenerate, with the remaining cell becoming the female gametophyte phase of the plant's life cycle. Large (palynologists consider the megaspores to generally be above 200 micrometers in diameter) spores that develop into the megagametophyte, which in turn produces eggs.

6. Nucellus
The central tissue of an ovule , within which the megaspore mother cell is formed.

7. Ovule
A structure in seed plants which contains the megasporangium (nucellus), megaspore (embryo sac), a food store, and a coat, and develops into a seed after fertilization.

8. Ovule
In seed plants, a protective structure in which the female gametophyte develops, fertilization occurs, and seeds develop; contained within the ovary.Structures inside the ovary of the flower within which the female gametophyte develops after megasporogenesis has produced a megaspore inside each ovule.

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