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1. DNA methylation
The attachment of a methyl group (a -CH3 group) to a cytosine (one of four nitrogenous base s found in DNA ) in an eukaryotic DNA. This is done routinely, as a way to protect self DNA from the enzyme s and chemicals produced to destroy foreign DNA, and as a way to regulate transcription of gene s in the DNA.

2. DNA modification
A variety of chemical changes made to a DNA molecule just after it has been replicated. An example is DNA methylation .

3. Host restriction-modification
A bacterial system where the bacterium is able to destroy invading DNA from a bacteriophage ( virus which infects bacteria) while at the same time preventing the destruction of their own DNA. The phage DNA is cleaved by a restriction enzyme made by the bacterium; the bacterial DNA is modified (usually with methylation ) so that the enzyme won't destroy it.

4. Methylate (methylation)
1. To add methyl alcohol to ethanol to render it undrinkable. 2. To replace an atom, usually a hydrogen, with a methyl group.

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