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1. Grain
A fruit characteristic of grasses (such as rice); pollen grain, a microspore of a seed plant, or the partially developed gametophyte formed from it.

2. Microgametophyte (adj.: microgametophytic)
A plant body or cell lineage, formed by vegetative growth of the microspore , that produces the male gamete s of a heterosporous plant.

3. Microgametophyte
Stage of the plant life cycle that develops from or within a microspore . The microgametophyte produces sperm in specialized structures known as antheridia.

4. Microsporangia
Structures of the sporophyte in which microspores are produced by meiosis . In flowering plants the microsporangia are known as anther sacs .

5. Microspore
The smaller of the two kinds of spore s produced in the sexual life cycle of a heterosporous plant, giving rise to the male gametophyte .

6. Microspore mother cell
Cells in the microsporangium that undergo meiosis to produce microspores. In flowering plants the microspore is known as the pollen grain , and contains a three-celled male.

7. Microspores
Four haploid cells produced by the meiotic division in the pollen sacs of flowers or microsporangia of gymnosperms. microspores undergo mitotic division and become encased in a thick protective wall to form pollen grains . Small, size usually less than 200 micrometers, spores produced by meiosis . microspores either germinate into the male gametophyte or have the male gametophyte develop inside the microspore wall.

8. Pollen
The microspore s of seed plants; the powdery mass of microspores shed from anther s.

9. Pollen grains
The containers for male gametophytes of seed plants produced in a microsporangium by meiosis. microspores produced by seed plants that contain the male gametophyte.

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