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1. Aster
A star-shaped structure, composed of microtubule s, which surrounds the centriole s during mitosis in animals. The aster forms during prophase . The spindle fiber s arise gradually between the two asters (at opposite ends of the cell ) until they attach to the kinetochore s of the centromere s of each chromosome. Asters are not found in vascular plant cells.

2. Axoneme
The structure of an eukaryotic flagellum or cilium (long whiplike or hairlike appendages sometimes attached to cells), where two microtubule s in the center are surrounded by nine pairs of microtubules around the outside.

3. Basal body (blepharoplast)
The cylinder-shaped structure at the base of a cilium or flagellum , containing sets of microtubule s. Resembles a centriole in structure.

4. Basal body
A structure at the base of a cilium or flagellum ; consists of nine triplet microtubules arranged in a circle with no central microtubule.

5. Centriole
A cylinder-shaped organelle composed of microtubule s and found in the nucleus of a cell . During nuclear division it forms the spindle , which ensures that the duplicated chromosome s are equally divided between the daughter cells. Resembles a basal body in structure. Centrioles are not found in plant cells.

6. Centrosome
A granular region which contains two centriole s and is a center of microtubule organization during the division of the nucleus .

7. Colcemid
A chemical substance which blocks the formation of microtubule s, thus interfering with processes and structures where microtubules are essential to function. microtubules are important to such things as mitosis and meiosis ( spindle formation and thus proper chromosome division), cilia and flagella .

8. Colchicine (ColBenemid)
A toxic alkaloid extract of the autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) that is used in chemotherapy (especially to treat Hodgkin's disease ) because it blocks mitosis in metaphase by blocking microtubule synthesis. It is also used to treat gout .

9. Critical concentration
The minimum concentration of units needed before a biological polymer will form. Examples of biopolymers are microtubule s from tubulin units, polypeptide s from amino acid units, polysaccharide s from simple sugar units, etc.

10. Cytoskeleton
A network of molecular filaments ( actin , microtubule s, etc.) that provide a structure for the cytoplasm .

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