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1. Anaphase
The stage in mitosis following metaphase . The paired chromatid s are separated from each other and moved to opposite ends of the cell . The stage begins as soon as the centromere s connecting each chromatid to its pair break and ends when the two new sets of chromosome s arrive at opposite ends of the cell.

2. Anaphase
Phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes begin to separate.

3. Aster
A star-shaped structure, composed of microtubule s, which surrounds the centriole s during mitosis in animals. The aster forms during prophase . The spindle fiber s arise gradually between the two asters (at opposite ends of the cell ) until they attach to the kinetochore s of the centromere s of each chromosome. Asters are not found in vascular plant cells.

4. Aster
Short fibers produced by cells during mitosis and meiosis . These radiate from the centriole (if it is present).

5. Binary fission
Division of a cell into two daughter cells after DNA replication and nuclear division ( mitosis ). A form of asexual reproduction .

6. Cell cycle
The normal sequence of development and division in the cell . It can be divided into two general phases, mitosis (when the cell's nucleus divides as a part of its reproduction) and interphase (the rest of the time, when the cell does everything else besides mitosis).

7. Cell cycle
The sequence of events from one division of a cell to the next; consists of mitosis (or division) and interphase .

8. Cell plate (phragmoplast)
A boundary between two plant nuclei which have just formed via mitosis , which begins to form just before the cell divides into two daughter cells. It consists of cell wall material and cell membrane material that grows and eventually connects with the existing cell walls and cell membranes.

9. Centromere
A specialized chromosome region to which spindle fibers attach during cell division ( mitosis ).

10. Centromeric sequences
Special sequences of DNA nucleotide s found on chromosome s which provide a site for the attachment of spindle fiber s during nuclear division ( mitosis or meiosis ).

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