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1. Acrylonitrile
A colorless liquid which will mix somewhat with water, mixes well with all common organic solvent s, and is toxic, carcinogen ic (cancer-causing), and a fire hazard. Freezing point: -83 C. Boiling point: 77.5-77.9 C. It is used as a monomer for acrylic fibers and acrylic rubber and other industrial purposes.

2. Addition polymer
A polymer which is formed from the fusion of two monomer s which join completely without losing any small molecules.

3. Amino acids
The subunits ( monomers ) from which proteins ( polymers ) are assembled. Each amino acid consists of an amino functional group, and a carboxyl acid group, and differs from other amino acids by the composition of an R group.

4. Condensation polymer
The kind of polymer that is formed by the combination of monomers and the release of a small molecules at the point where monomers are joined.

5. Copolymer
* A synthetic nucleic acid chain composed of only two nucleotide bases, arranged either in random order (if chain is DNA ) or in alternating order (if chain is RNA ). * A polymer that was made by simultaneously polymerizing two or more different monomer s.

6. Depolymerization
The dismantling of a polymer (a chain of monomer units) into individual monomers.

7. Dextran
A polysaccharide (chain of simple sugars) composed of glucose (a type of simple sugar ) monomer s (units of a polymer , such as a polysaccharide), used as a means of storing food by bacteria and yeast s. When dextrans are formed out of sucrose (another type of sugar) by bacteria in the mouth, it makes dental plaque.

8. Dextranase
An enzyme that breaks down dextran , which is a polysaccharide (chain of simple sugars) composed of glucose (a type of simple sugar ) monomer s (units of a polymer , such as a polysaccharide).

9. DNA polymerization
The making of a DNA molecule from nucleotide monomer s by linking them together in a long chain (a polymer ).

10. Globular actin (G actin)
A short polypeptide chain of 375 amino acid s which is the monomer ic unit of the protein actin (one of the two proteins involved in muscle contraction). Many units of G actin join together in a polymer to make an actin filament.

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