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1. Aldose
Any monosaccharide sugar that contains an aldehyde group (-CHO).

2. Amino sugar
A monosaccharide in which one or more of its hydroxyl groups has been replaced with an amino group.

3. Amino sugars
A monosaccharide , or simple sugar, which has been modified into an amine by the replacement of a hydroxyl group (an -OH group) with an amino group (an -NH2 group).

4. Arabinose
A monosaccharide , or simple sugar , with the chemical formula C5H10O5. This sugar is found in many plants.

5. Disaccharide
A sugar such as sucrose , which is made up of two monosaccharide s: one glucose molecule and one fructose molecule.

6. Disaccharides
1.Sugars made up of two monosaccharides held together by a covalent bond ; e.g., sucrose and lactose.2. Type of sugar (saccharide) composed of two sugar molecules bonded together with an ester ( covalent ) bond examples include sucrose, maltose, and lactose.

7. Glucose (dextrose, cerelose, d-glucopyranose)
A six-carbon monosaccharide which is the major sugar in the blood and is an important intermediate molecule in metabolic processes. It is often given intravenously to replenish fluids and provide nutrients. In glycolysis , all six-carbon intermediate s are derived from glucose and fructose . In the first step of glycolysis, hexokinase catalyzes the conversion of glucose and ATP into glucose 6-phosphate. Also, in the conversion of one molecule of glucose into two molecules of pyruvate , two molecules of ATP are also generated.

8. Glycogen
Polysaccharide consisting of numerous monosaccharide glucoses linked together. The animal equivalent of starch.

9. Lactase (invertase)
An enzyme which cuts the disaccharide lactose into its component monosaccharide s glucose and galactose . The components, immediately upon being cut apart from each other by the enzyme, invert into their opposite isomers. Lactose intolerance is the result of not enough lactase (invertase) in the body.

10. Lactose (lactin, milk sugar)
A type of disaccharide which is composed of the monosaccharide s galactose and glucose linked together. It has the chemical formula of C12H22O11. It is found in dairy products.