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1. 2-aminopurine
A derivative of purine which can substitute for adenine during DNA replication . As a result, it can induce mistakes in DNA and is therefore a powerful mutagen .

2. Ames test
A bacterial test for mutagenic carcinogen s.

3. In vitro mutagenesis
Causing mutation s to develop in cell s from a tissue culture by exposing the cells to mutagen s.

4. Induced mutation
A mutation , or change in a nucleotide sequence or gene , which was caused by a mutagen .

5. Insertional mutagenesis
The generation of an insertion mutation by inserting one or more extra nucleotide bases into the DNA sequence.

6. Intercalating mutagen
A mutagen that causes frame-shift mutation s by inserting itself between two adjacent bases in a genetic sequence .

7. Intercalation
The process by which a molecule (such as a mutagen) is inserted between two planar or stacked aromatic rings (such as adjacent bases in a genetic sequence ).

8. Mutagen
An agent that gives rise to mutation s. Common mutagens include UV radiation , ethyl bromide and 5-Bromouracil. Compare with teratogen .

9. Mutagenesis
The development of mutation s.

10. Mutagenic
Refers to something that causes mutation s; mutagenic substances may also be carcinogen ic (cause cancer).

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