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1. Anaerobic respiration
Respiration under anaerobic conditions. The terminal electron acceptor , instead of oxygen in the case of regular respiration, can be: CO2, Fe2+, fumarate, nitrate, nitrite, nitrous oxide, sulphur, sulphate, etc. Note that anaerobic respiration still uses the electron transport chain to dump the electron while fermentation does not.

2. Anoxic reactor
A bioreactor which is used to treat wastewater that utterly lacks dissolved oxygen; in it, faculatively anaerobic microbes are able to oxidize the sewage because they use nitrate ion s as their oxygen source.

3. Denitrification
Conversion of nitrate into nitrogen gases under anaerobic conditions, resulting in loss of nitrogen from ecosystem s.

4. Nitrification
The conversion of ammonia (NH3) to nitrate (NO3-).

5. Saltpeter
Common name for potassium nitrate; in the context of geologic deposits, it may also be used to refer to other nitrate minerals such as calcium nitrate.

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