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1. Alpha particle
A radioactive particle made up of two protons and two neutrons; these particles are created by the decay of a radioactive material or by nuclear bombardment, and they are the same as the nucleus of a helium-4 atom.

2. Ameiosis
A form of nuclear division which does not reduce the number of chromosome s because both of the nuclear divisions normally part of the process of meiosis have failed to occur.

3. Anti-nuclear antibody
Anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) is an antibody against nuclear materials such as DNA , RNA , histone or non-histone protein s. ANA is usually found in the serum of individuals with certain autoimmune diseases, e.g., systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjogren's syndrome, polymyositis, systemic sclerosis, etc. Different diseases have ANA against different nuclear components.

4. Antinuclear antibody
This is an antibody found in the blood of virtually all patients with lupus . (but patients with other problems, like rheumatoid arthritis may be positive for this test). Normal range: no ANA present up to 1/32 dilution.

5. Binary fission
Division of a cell into two daughter cells after DNA replication and nuclear division ( mitosis ). A form of asexual reproduction .

6. Breeder reactor
This is a nuclear reactor which produces nuclear fuel as it produces energy for electricity.

7. Centriole
A cylinder-shaped organelle composed of microtubule s and found in the nucleus of a cell . During nuclear division it forms the spindle , which ensures that the duplicated chromosome s are equally divided between the daughter cells. Resembles a basal body in structure. Centrioles are not found in plant cells.

8. Centromeric sequences
Special sequences of DNA nucleotide s found on chromosome s which provide a site for the attachment of spindle fiber s during nuclear division ( mitosis or meiosis ).

9. Conjugate division
The nuclear division of both haploid nuclei in a dikaryon at the same time (in a dikaryon which has two nuclei). The term is relevant to the biology of fungus .

10. Cyclin
A protein found in certain eukaryotic cells which helps regulate the cell cycle by causing cells to begin mitosis (a form of nuclear division). The protein is made during all parts of the cell cycle but is destroyed during mitosis.

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