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1. Cyclodextrin
A cyclic oligomer of alpha-D-glucopyranose. The most common cyclodextrins are alpha, beta and gamma cyclodextrin having 6,7 and 8 glucopyranose units respectively. They occur naturally in starch digests of the bacteria Bacillus Macerans. With a hydrophobic interior cavity, they can complex small hydrophobic molecules while remaining soluble in water. Potential applications include water-soluble pharmaceuticals and herbicides and pesticide s.

2. Globoside
An organic macromolecule, a type of oligomeric glycoside , containing a number of different sugar groups which is found in the red blood cell s of certain mammals, including humans, pigs, and sheep.

3. Oligomer (adj. oligomeric)
A molecule consisting of just a few monomer s.

4. Oligomeric protein
A protein where two or more of its units are identical polypeptide chains.

5. Oligomerization
The chemical process of creating oligomer s from larger or smaller molecules.

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