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1. Follicle
A small, narrow sac found in certain organs or tissues. Examples are hair follicles in the skin, which are found at the bases of individual hairs, and follicles in the ovary which contain developing oocyte s (proto- ovum s).

2. Follicle cells
A layer of cell s within an ovarian follicle which surrounds the oocyte (proto- ovum ) and provides certain nutrients to it.

3. Germ cell
A reproductive cell such as a spermatocyte or an oocyte, or a cell that will develop into a reproductive cell.

4. Germinal vesicle
The nucleus of a primary oocyte , the development of which is suspended in prophase I of the first meiotic division between embryohood and sexual maturity.

5. Oocyte
A developing female reproductive cell which divides by meiosis into four haploid cells, forming one ovum that goes on to potentially become fertilized by a sperm cell and two to three polar bodies that subsequently degenerate.

6. Oocyte
An oocyte is an ovum just before ovulation. It has been stimulated to complete the first meiotic division (it was arrested in the end of the first meiotic division at the birth of the person). The other daughter cell, call the first polar body, fragments and disintegrates. An oocyte begins the second meiotic division, and stops at metaphase . The oocyte may be fertilized by a sperm .

7. Oocyte
A cell that will/is undergo/ing development into a female gamete.

8. Oogenesis
The process of oocyte development, whereby a primordial germ cell eventually becomes a mature ovum .

9. Ovulation
The release of the oocyte onto the surface of the ovary ; occurs at the midpoint of the ovarian cycle.The release of the ovum (egg) from the ovary after the peaking of luteinizing hormone concentration in the blood during the menstrual cycle .

10. Polar body
A small cell which is the product of an uneven division of the cytoplasm during meiosis ; the smaller of the two cells produced during a meiotic division of oogenesis (the larger one becomes an oocyte or ovum ). It eventually degenerates.

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