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1. Cell body
In a neuron , the part that contains the nucleus and most of the cytoplasm and the organelles .

2. Chloroplasts
Disk-like organelles with a double membrane found in eukaryotic plant cells; contain thylakoids and are the site of photosynthesis . ATP is generated during photosynthesis by chemiosmosis .

3. Cilia
Hair-like organelles extending from the membrane of many eukaryotic cells; often function in locomotion (sing.: cilium).

4. Cytoplasm
The viscous semiliquid inside the plasma membrane of a cell; contains various macromolecules and organelles in solution and suspension.

5. Dictyosomes
organelles in plant cells composed of a series of flattened membrane sacs that sort, chemically modify, and package proteins produced on the rough endoplasmic reticulum . Also known as the Golgi Apparatus .

6. Eukaryote
A type of cell found in many organisms including single-celled protists and multicellular fungi, plants, and animals; characterized by a membrane-bounded nucleus and other membraneous organelles; an organism composed of such cells. The first eukaryotes are encountered in rocks approximately 1.2-1.5 billion years old.

7. Flagella
long, whip-like locomotion organelles found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; sing.: flagellum. Eukaryotic flagella have an internal arrangement of microtubules in a 9 + 2 array.

8. Golgi complex
organelles in animal cells composed of a series of flattened sacs that sort, chemically modify, and package proteins produced on the rough endoplasmic reticulum .

9. Lysosomes
Membrane-enclosed organelles containing digestive enzymes . The lysosomes fuse with food vacuoles and enzymes contained within the lysosome chemically breakdown and/or digest the food vacuole's contents.

10. Mitochondria
Self-replicating membrane-bound cytoplasmic organelles in most eukaryotic cells that complete the breakdown of glucose, producing NADH and ATP (singular term: mitochondrion). The powerhouse of the cell. organelles within eukaryotes that generate (by chemiosmosis ) most of the ATP the cell needs to function and stay alive.

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