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1. Angiosperm
A flowering, fruit-bearing plant or tree; the ovules (and therefore seeds) of these plants develop within an enclosed ovary .

2. Angiospermae
A major division of the plant kingdom, commonly called flowering plants as their reproductive organs are in flowers, having seeds which develop in a closed ovary made of carpel s, a very reduced gametophyte , and endosperm develop from a triple fusion nucleus.

3. Axile
In botany terminology, describes a plant part which is on an axis; of a placenta, on the central axis of the ovary.

4. Cachexin (cachexia-causing compound)
This protein fragment is found in the urine of patients who suffer from debilitation and wasting from cancer, particularly cancers of the lung, breast, ovary and pancreas. It is believed to cause the wasting by degrading muscle proteins and inhibiting the creation of new proteins.

5. Carpel
An organ (generally believed to be a modified foliar unit) at the centre of a flower, bearing one or more ovule s and having its margins fused together or with other carpels to enclose the ovule(s) in an ovary, and consisting also of a stigma and usually a style .

6. Carpels
The female reproductive structures of a flower ; consisting of the ovary , style , and stigma .

7. Chinese hamster ovary cells
Cell s from the ovaries of Chinese hamsters that are used to grow virus es, including the ones from the family Herpesviridae .

8. Column (gynostemium)
The lower part of an awn in grasses, when distinctly different in form from the upper part; a structure (a.k.a. a gynostemium ) in orchids which extends above the ovary of a flower and incorporates stigma , style and stamen s.

9. Commissure
A join or seam; in plants, the interfacing of two fused carpel s in an ovary.

10. Corpus luteum
A structure formed from the ovulated follicle in the ovary ; secretes progesterone and estrogen .

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