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1. Activated sludge process
A method of treating sewage and wastewater through microbial oxidation. Sewage previously treated in settling tanks is aerated to encourage the growth of nonpathogenic aerobic microorganisms ( bacteria , yeast s, molds and protozoans) which break the organic matter down into carbon dioxide, water, and simple salts. After this activated sludge is produced, the wastewater undergoes further processing through anaerobic digestion, filtering, and chlorination.

2. Algal oxidation pond
A wide, shallow pond used in wastewater treatment; the algae produce oxygen so that bacteria can aerobically digest sewage in the water.

3. Antioxidant
Any of many chemicals that reduce or prevent oxidation , especially within tissues. Vitamin C is a common antioxidant.

4. Beta oxidation
The oxidative breakdown of fatty acid s into acetyl-coenzyme A by repeated oxidation at the szlig-carbon atom.

5. Biopterin
An enzymatic cofactor which is involved in some oxidation-reduction reactions; it is derived from the protein pterin.

6. Catabolic reactions
Reactions in cells in which existing chemical bonds are broken and molecules are broken down; generally produce energy , involve oxidation , and lead to a decrease in atomic order.

7. Chemolithotroph
An organism which obtains its energy from the oxidation of inorganic compounds.

8. Cytochromes
Heme protein s that carry electons during oxidation-reduction reactions such as photosynthesis and respiration .

9. Disulfiram (Antabuse)
This prescription drug is used to treat alcoholism; it causes an extremely unpleasant reaction if the person taking the drug drinks even a tiny amount of alcohol. It works by blocking the oxidation of alcohol at the acetaldehyde stage.

10. Electron acceptor
A molecule or compound that gets electrons during an oxidation-reduction reaction.

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