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1. Biocenosis (biocoenosis)
* A group of organisms in a self-sufficient community naturally occupying a small area with a uniform environment throughout. * In the field of paleontology , it is one of three types of fossil communities, which depends on the condition and completeness of the community when found. Biocenosis is the most complete type, able to offer the most information about what the community was like when it was alive.

2. Biogenetic law (recapitulation theory, "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny")
The theory that " ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny ," which means that one can trace the evolutionary development of a species by studying the development of an individual embryo or young of that species. The theory is still used, especially in paleontology , but has been found to not be strictly true when applied to problems in biology .

3. Paleontology
The scientific study of extinct organisms through the examination of fossils.

4. Paleontology
The study of ancient life by collection and analysis of fossils .

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