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1. Dyad symmetry of DNA
Two areas of a DNA molecule whose base pair sequences are repeats of each other, inverted relative to each other, or are palindrome s.

2. Foldback DNA
Sections of single-stranded DNA which have sequences that are palindrome s, or which read the same both backwards and forwards, that may base pair with each other instead of with the right sections of the other strand during renaturation into double-stranded DNA.

3. Palindrome
* A word or sentence that reads the same backwards as it does forward, such as "radar". * A nucleic acid sequence whose 5' -to- 3' sequence is identical on each DNA strand. The sequence is the same when one strand is read left to right and the other strand is read right to left. Recognition sites of many restriction enzyme s are palindromic.

4. Palindrome
A sequence that reads the same in either direction; in genetics, refers to an enzyme recognition sequence that reads the same on both strands of DNA .

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