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1. Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Adult respiratory distress syndrome is a clinical condition in which there is shortness of breath, abnormal findings in chest x-ray, and low oxygen levels in the blood. It is usually associated with injury to the lung, and preceded with a variety of factors; including trauma, infection, pancreatitis, shock, burns, among many others.

2. Amylase
Amylase is secreted by the acinar cells of the pancreas and is measured from blood samples. It is elevacted in pancreatitis, trauma to the bowel, and mumps infection. (Normal range: 29 to 220 IU/L).

3. CA-125 tumor marker
This is a protein measured in blood samples. It is produced by a variety of cells, but particularly by ovarian cancer cells. It is used as a tuomor marker to confirm the suspicion of ovarian cancer and to follow the presence of residual or recurrence of ovarian cancer after surgery. Its blood levels may be elevated in pregnant women and patients with breast and colorectal cancers, endometriosis , ovarian cysts, fibroid s, cirrhosis , hepatitis , or pancreatitis . (Normal range is 0-35 u/mL).

4. Cholecystectomy
This is surgery to remove the gallbladder . Cholecystectomy is indicated for patients with gallstones that cause severe symptoms. If the stones are less than 1 cm in diameter and contain no calcium , dissolution therapy with ursodeoxycholic acid is successful in 50% of the cases at six months of therapy. Shock-wave treatment (extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy) is applicable in only about 7% of the patients (with less than 3 stones, total stone diameter less than 20 mm and stone volume less than 15 mL). Only 50% of patients receiving shock-wave therapy have relief of their symptoms. For patients with medical problems severe enough to contraindicate immediate cholecystectomy, percutaneous catheter cholecystostomy may be preferable. For these patients, cholecystecomy can be performed after their general medical condition improves. The operative death rate 0.1% in patient under age 50 and 0.5% in patients over 50. Most deaths occur in patients who have other preoperative medical problems. Delaying cholecystectomy when indicated increases the chance of cholangitis, acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas ), empyema and perforation of the gallbladder, gallstone ileus and common bile duct obstruction.

5. Mumps
Mumps is an infection of the paramyxovirus. Clinically, it is characterized by inflammation of the salivary glands, orchitis , and sometimes aseptic meningitis , pancreatitis , and oophoritis .

6. Pancreatitis
Inflammation (pain, tenderness) of the pancreas ; it can make the pancreas stop working. It is caused by drinking too much alcohol , by disease in the gallbladder, or by a virus .

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