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1. Abscisic acid
A plant hormone that promotes dormancy in perennial plants and causes rapid closure of leaf stomata when a leaf begins to wilt.

2. Arroyo
* A gully, ravine, or canyon created by a perennial or intermittent stream, with characteristic steep slopes frequently covered with vegetation. * Waterway of ephemeral stream deeply carved in rock or ancient alluvium.

3. Brassica (Brassicaceae, Cruciferae)
A genus of plants belonging to the mustard family Brassicaceae. The whole family includes a total of 376 different genera and 3,200 different species . The family is also known as "Cruciferae" because the four petaled flowers of these plants look like crosses. The plants are distributed worldwide and have annual (living one year), biennial (living two years) and perennial (living many years) members. Member species of genus Brassica include Brassica napus which produces rapeseed or canola oil; Brassica nigra which produces yellow mustard; Brassica oleracea whose subspecies and strains include kale and collard greens (B. oleracea acephala), broccoli (B. oleracea botrytis), cauliflower (B. oleracea cauliflora), head cabbage (B. oleracea capitata), brussel sprouts (B. oleracea gemmifera), and kohlrabi (B. oleracea gongycoides); and Brassica rapa, whose subspecies include pak choi (B. rapa chinensis), Chinese cabbage (B. rapa pekinensis), and turnip (B. rapa rapifera). Also, one subspecies of B. rapa is used as a model organism to study genetics , molecular biology , plant breeding, cell biology , and physiology ; it is called the "rapid cycling" Brassica or RCBr or the Wisconsin Fast PlantTM , and was developed specifically for scientific study. Additionally, the radish Raphanus sativus is a member of the Brassicaceae family. The full taxonom ic classification is kingdom Plantae, division Tracheophyta, subdivision Spermatophyta, class Angiospermae, subclass Dicotyledeonae, order Papaverales, family Brassicaceae.

4. Bunch grass
Any of a number of perennial grasses (family Gramineae) which grow in tight clumps and regenerate each year from deep roots.

5. Hemicryptophyte
A perennial plant having its overwintering buds located at the soil surface.

6. Interrupted stream
A stream that contains alternating reaches that are either perennial , intermittent , or ephemeral .

7. Perennial
Lasting throughout the year, as for continually flowing streams.

8. Perennial
Refers to a plant that lives for more than two years; it may or may not lose its leaves or seem to die back at the end of a growing season.

9. Perennial stream (permanent stream)
A stream that flows continuously throughout the year.

10. Perennials
Plants that persist in the environment for more than one year (as in the case of annuals).

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