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1. Androgynophore
A stalk bearing both the androecium and gynoecium of a flower above the level of insertion of the perianth .

2. Anthocarp
A false fruit consisting of the true fruit and the base of the perianth .

3. Calyptra (operculum)
In mosses, a cap-like structure covering or partly covering the capsule and derived from the neck of the archegonium ; in a flower, a cap covering the stamen s and carpel s in the bud and formed by fusion or cohesion of perianth parts.

4. Catkin
A spike in which the flowers are unisexual and without conspicuous perianth .

5. Chasmogamy
The opening of the perianth of a flower for the purpose of fertilization; contrast with cleistogamous .

6. Corona
A ring of tissue arising from the corolla or perianth of a flower and standing between the perianth lobes and the stamen s.

7. Dichlamydeous
Of a flower, having two whorl s of perianth parts.

8. Flower
The sexual reproductive structure of the angiosperm s, typically consisting of gynoecium , androecium and perianth and the main stem bearing these parts.

9. Gamophyllous
Having the leaves or perianth segments united by their margins, at least at the base.

10. Half-inferior
Of an ovary , partly below and partly above the level of attachment of the perianth and stamen s.

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