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1. Androgynal
Bearing staminate and pistillate flowers on the same parent stem.

2. Gynecandrous
Having staminate and pistillate flowers in the same spike or spikelet, the latter above the former.

3. Gynoecium
Collective term for all of the carpels (or pistils ) in a flower. Some flowers have many pistils that are partially or wholly fused.

4. Imperfect flower
A flower containing stamen and pistil organs required for pollination but lacking sepal s or petals or both of these organs.

5. Pistil
The unit of female reproduction of a flower; may be comprised of a single carpel or two or more carpels united.

6. Pistil
Female reproductive structures in flowers, consisting of the stigma , style , and ovary . Also known as a carpel in some books.

7. Pistillate
Said of a flower bearing a pistil or pistils but not stamen s, may refer also to a plant having only pistillate flowers.

8. Pistillode
A sterile pistil , often rudimentary.

9. Polygyny (polygynous)
* Describes the condition of a plant whose flowers have several pistils or styles. * Describes the practice of a man having several wives at once.

10. Staminate
Producing or consisting of stamen s; flowers with stamens but not pistil s.

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