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1. Actin
The protein from which microfilaments are composed; forms the contractile filaments of sarcomeres in muscle cells.

2. H band
The H band is an area within muscle tissue which is light when stained and consists only of myosin fibers (and no actin fibers). The H band is at the center of each muscle sarcomere .

3. I band
A band of area within muscle tissue which consists of the Z line , the sarcomere s (muscle units) on either side of it, and the actin filaments which attach the sarcomeres together across the Z line.

4. Myosin
Thick protein filaments in the center sections of sarcomeres .

5. Sarcomere
The functional and structural unit in muscle contraction systems.

6. Sarcomeres
The functional units of skeletal muscle ; consist of filaments of myosin and actin .

7. Sliding filament model
Model of muscular contraction in which the actin filaments in the sarcomere slide past the myosin filaments, shortening the sarcomere and therefore the muscle.

8. Z line
The line formed where actin filaments attach between two sarcomere s.

9. Z lines
Dense areas in myofibrils that mark the beginning of the sarcomeres. The actin filaments of the sarcomeres are anchored in the Z lines.

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