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1. Agameon
An organism that reproduces asexually only, without producing gamete s ( sperm or egg s).

2. Agglutination
* The clumping together of cells due to the binding of agglutinin (a protein) molecules on each cell's surface. * The clumping together of two organisms of the same species for the purpose of sexual reproduction. Often conducted by means of a carbohydrate on one organism and a protein on the other, resulting in a glycoprotein .

3. Alternation of generations
The occurrence in one life history of two or more different forms differently produced, usually an alternation of a sexual with an asexual form.

4. Anamorph
The asexual form of a fungus which reproduces by releasing spore s which are genetically identical to each other and to the parent.

5. Anaphrodisiac
A chemical that inhibits sexual response.

6. Androdioecious
Having bisexual flowers and male flowers, on separate plants.

7. Andromonoecious
Having bisexual and male flowers on the same plant.

8. Annuals
Plants that grow and reproduce sexually during one year.

9. Antheridium
The fertile organ of a male gametophyte or the male organ of a bisexual gametophyte, in which male gametes are formed.

10. Apomixis
In general, reproducing without sexual reproduction; often used to denote seed production without a sexual process having been involved.

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