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1. Adnate
In botany terminology, describes a plant part which is fused to an organ of a different kind, e.g. a stamen fused to a petal.

2. Alternate
Of leaves or other lateral plant organs, borne singly at different heights on the axis; of floral parts, on a different radius, e.g. describing the position of stamen s with respect to petals. Compare opposite .

3. Androecium
The stamen s of one flower collectively.

4. Androecium
Collective term applied to all of the male ( stamen ) parts of the flower.

5. Anther
The top of a stamen's filament; divided into pollen sacs in which the pollen grains form.

6. Astemizole (Astemisan, Hismanal, Histamen, Histaminos,Paralergin, Waruzol)
This is a non-sedating drug used to treat allergies; it's a histamine H1-receptor antagonist .

7. Calyptra (operculum)
In mosses, a cap-like structure covering or partly covering the capsule and derived from the neck of the archegonium ; in a flower, a cap covering the stamen s and carpel s in the bud and formed by fusion or cohesion of perianth parts.

8. Column (gynostemium)
The lower part of an awn in grasses, when distinctly different in form from the upper part; a structure (a.k.a. a gynostemium ) in orchids which extends above the ovary of a flower and incorporates stigma , style and stamen s.

9. Corona
A ring of tissue arising from the corolla or perianth of a flower and standing between the perianth lobes and the stamen s.

10. Diadelphous
Having the stamen s united into two groups, or all but one united in a group and one free.

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