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1. Ketosteroid
A steroid -like chemical which is a by-product of the breakdown of certain steroids; they are found in urine and measuring them can give a good indication of the level of androgen production in the body. The major ketosteroids are: * androsterone * etiocholanone * estrone

2. Lipids
One of the four classes of organic macromolecules . Lipids function in the long-term storage of biochemical energy , insulation, structure and control. Examples of lipids include the fats, waxes, oils and steroids (e.g. testosterone, cholesterol).

3. Steroid
A type of organic molecule based on a multiple ring structure in which the rings share carbons. They are usually hormone s or constituents of cell membranes. Common steroids include: Estrogen , Testosterone , Cortisone , Vitamin D , Cholesterol

4. Steroids
Compounds with a skeleton of four rings of carbon to which various side groups are attached; one of the three main classes of hormones .

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