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1. -partite
Divided, almost to the base, into segments (commonly applied to a style ).

2. Capitate
Enlarged or swollen at tip, gathered into a mass at apex , as compound stigma ; a knoblike stigma terminating a style .

3. Carpel
An organ (generally believed to be a modified foliar unit) at the centre of a flower, bearing one or more ovule s and having its margins fused together or with other carpels to enclose the ovule(s) in an ovary, and consisting also of a stigma and usually a style .

4. Carpels
The female reproductive structures of a flower ; consisting of the ovary , style , and stigma .

5. Column (gynostemium)
The lower part of an awn in grasses, when distinctly different in form from the upper part; a structure (a.k.a. a gynostemium ) in orchids which extends above the ovary of a flower and incorporates stigma , style and stamen s.

6. Equilateral
Of stamen s, with anther s regularly spaced around the style .

7. Gynaecium
The female organs of the flower, consisting of one or more carpel s forming one or several ovaries with their stigma s and style s.

8. Gynobasic
Of a style , arising near the base of the gynoecium , e.g. between the lobes of the ovary .

9. Gynostegium
A protective covering for a gynaecium , especially as formed by the union of stamen s and style .

10. Heterostylous
Species in which flowers are similar except that the stigmas and antherS are held at different levels relative to each other, because style length differs between plants. Compare homostylous .

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